Why An All Girls School?

Girls’ schools create a community culture of excellence where each student is transformed not only by her individual experience with challenging academics, competitive athletics, visual and performing arts, service learning and leadership opportunities but also by her close interactions with other members of the community who excel in different disciplines. 

Conducting research that documents the value of education in all girls schools is a hallmark of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS), the leading international expert on the transformative learning environments that exist in all girls schools. Recently, together with UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies a new research study was conducted that supports the all-girls educational opportunity. It shows a statistically significant advantage that graduates of girls’ schools have over their peers from coed schools in key areas.  
According to the UCLA report, girls’ school graduates consistently assess their abilities, self-confidence, engagement and ambition as either above average or in the top 10 percent. Compared to their coed peers, they have more confidence in their mathematics and computer abilities and study longer hours. They are more likely to pursue careers in engineering, engage in political discussions, keep current with political affairs, and see college as a stepping stone to graduate school.

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