At Roland Park Country School our commitment to diversity enriches every aspect of what we do. In creating an inclusive, accepting community of students, teachers, and parents representing a wide variety of races and ethnicities, socioeconomic groups and personal beliefs, our school adopts an attitude that goes beyond diversity statements and statistics. That is because we are focused on preparing our students for living and succeeding in an increasingly multicultural, pluralistic, global community.

R oland Park Country School has a legacy of diversity that began in earnest in 1962 when esteemed Headmistress, the late Anne Healy, penned a compelling letter to the Board of Trustees making the case for an open admission policy for all applicants. Referencing the historic strides of the United States in space exploration at that time, Miss Healy proclaimed, “…In an age when man is setting his seal upon the universe we should at least admit all of humanity into our educational orbit.” In the 1963-64 school year, Roland Park Country School admitted its first students of color. Since then, countless students of color have graduated from our school and have gone on to live their dreams.

Over the decades, the definition of diversity has evolved to include not only those groups protected by legal anti-discrimination clauses (racial, religious, ethnic, gender, gender sexuality, ability, age, and socio-economic) but also an entire range of human variation (political, ideological, geographic, body type, etc.). It is this broad interpretation of diversity that defines the Roland Park Country School experience. All of our students benefit from learning in an inclusive community which values both “individual uniqueness” and “mutual interdependence.”

The Office of Diversity and Equity Education is the primary conduit for diversity programming, professional development in cultural competency, and strategic diversity planning for our school. It is headed by a senior administrator, the Director of Diversity Education, who reports directly to the Head of School. The director collaborates with teachers, parents, and students K-12 on a range of curricular and co-curricular projects.

What began as a vision of a strong female Head succeeded by generations of progressive thinkers has become Roland Park Country School today: a thriving community that has remained forward-thinking and socially conscious into the 21st Century. Welcome to the future!



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