Student Services

Members of the Student Services Department help students develop the attitude, knowledge and skills necessary to ensure social and emotional growth, achieve academic success, and promote health and wellness.

The RPCS Student Services Department consists of dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds in education, counseling, health, and psychology. Through programs and services, the Department extends its support to faculty, employees, and parents in all three divisions of the School. Members of the Student Services Department uphold the professional standards and ethics of their respective disciplines in keeping with the policies and procedures of Roland Park Country School.


Meet the Office

Dana Hamilton
Department Chair
School Nurse
Ext: 5500 

Sally Harrison
School Counselor Grades K-8
Ext: 3070 

Peggy Ollerhead
School Psychologist
Ext: 3076 

Carolyn Parker
School Counselor Grades 9-12
 Ext: 3037 

Vicki Swanson
MS/US Learning Specialist
Ext: 2116


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