“Dance at Roland Park is the favorite part of my day. I look forward to the 70 minutes I get to spend with some of my best friends in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Dance here makes me feel good about myself and proud. I honestly can say that if I didn’t have dance to lean back on, junior year would be much more stressful.”           

Roland Park Country School Dance Program, K-12, is dedicated to the physical and intellectual training of dance students through the use of standard dance forms (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop), the incorporation of dance styles from various global cultures and the integration of technology. Central to the understanding of dance is knowledge of dance history, exploration of the cultural significance on society, and awareness of the connection to the community at RPCS and at large. The program seeks to promote and empower each student’s ability to be a poised, graceful, and confident young woman. As a result students leave the RPCS Dance Program enabled to experience dance in the studio, on the stage, in the audience, and as an enriching part of their lives. Beginning in the Lower School, dance is not only a class that is taught in the dance studios. It is carried through the hallways, onto the stage, and out the door of our school. It is a physical and emotional part of each and every one of our students.

Lower School

The Lower School Dance Program provides a unique opportunity for students to be introduced to dance, to explore various forms and styles of dance, and to perform dance with poise and confidence. Beginning in our PreSchool, the Lower School Dance Program includes: Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern as the core of curriculum. There are two formal performances in the Lower School, the Holiday and Spring Concerts. These concerts are collaborations with the Lower School Music Program, in which the dancers perform traditional dances, gestural dance movements while singing, and cultural dance forms inspired by the corresponding musical genres. Hula, Latin, Caribbean, and other cultures are explored through these venues to provide an integrated presentation of these cultures. Students trained in the Lower School Dance Program present themselves with the posture and strength of dancers.

Middle School

Students in the 6th and 7th grades participate in a semester long dance class (three out of ten days).  The focus of the 6th grade dance class is stretching and anatomy, while in the 7th grade extra attention is placed on technical mastery.  Both grades learn and perform a class dance at the end of the semester.  The 8th grade elective is also a semester long course; however it meets every other day.  In the 8th grade, dancers strengthen their choreography skills by working on individual and group compositions.  At the end of the semester the dancers perform two class dances.  All grades are given performance opportunities in either the Winter or Spring Concert.  Additionally, there are many Middle School After School Dance Clubs, including Ballet/Pointe Ensemble, Hip Hop, Roller Skating, After School Dance and Tap Line.

Upper School

All students in the Upper School have the opportunity to take dance classes and participate in dance clubs for all four years. In Studio Dance and Advanced Studio Dance Classes, dancers explore ballet, modern and jazz techniques.  Course work primarily includes dance technique and repertory. Other areas of study include body awareness, composition and the history of western concert dance.  In Roses Repertory Dance Company dancers expand their technical, choreographic and performance abilities by participating in dance classes every other day, working on individual and group compositions, learning repertory and performing. Additionally, dance clubs in the Upper School include, Flash Mob, Hip Hop for Beginners, Hip Hop Squad, Junior Dance Company, Pointe Ensemble and Tap Line.  All dance classes and dance clubs perform in the annual Spring Dance Concert.

Roses Repertory Dance Company is an auditioned ensemble for juniors and seniors. The company learns repertory choreographed by the teacher, company members, and guest artists. The repertory performs at the RPCS Dance Concert, Performing Arts Concert, and other engagements arranged by the teacher.


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by
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