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This year the RPCS Café will offer parents the ability to make advance online deposits to Student lunch accounts. Please click on the information below for instructions.


Roland Park Country School Dining Program

Our dining plan for RPCS is rooted in contemporary food concepts and sound nutrition, along with strong operational management, to meet the growing needs of the students and employees. At the forefront of our dining program is a nutritional food-first philosophy that yields a healthy, high-quality dining experience. We will introduce Roland Park Country School students to new dining experiences, like “worlds of flavor,” “pasta villaggio,” and our “downtown deli,” to name just a few.

CulinArt partners with Lancaster Farm Fresh to present a consistent program of local and organic produce and other products. Working with this “farm to table” leader, CulinArt is able to access well over thirty local farms to provide your students with the freshest local meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables. When local purchasing is not an option due to seasonal availability, we purchase through Albert’s Organics, America’s largest organic fresh foods specialist with distribution centers all across the country. Along with local and organic selections we also offer whole wheat pasta and pizza dough, whole wheat, multi-grain and organic breads, low-fat cheeses; low-sodium turkey deli meat, and a variety of juices, as well as skim, 1% and low-fat milk that is hormone and antibiotic free. Our signature Fresh&Healthy program identifies menu options that contain no more that 35% of total calories from fat (excluding nuts and seeds), no more than 10% of calories from saturated fat (including trans fat) no more than 1,000 mg of sodium per serving, and no more that 35% of sugar by weight.

Other Important Facts About Roland Park Country Schools dining options

  • CulinArt is a scratch-cooking and baking company. We do not purchase or serve quick-serve, prepared food.
  • There will be limited deep fried foods included in the dining programs; most items will be baked, steamed or cooked in a steamer, kettle or stovetop.
  • CulinArt will offer a steamed vegetable of the day, with no fat or seasoning added.
  • Local and organic whole and sliced fruits will be served as seasonally available.
  • Our salad bar always contains the freshest seasonal produce, local and/or organic when available.
  • House-made vinaigrettes and light dressings will also be available daily.
  • Specialty built-to-order entrée salad will be offered with assorted house-made dressings.
  • Our center-of-the-plate entrées feature a daily comfort-style or regional chef’s specialty accompanied by sides of legumes, brown rice or oven roasted potatoes with a steamed vegetable.
  • We offer multiple vegetarian choices daily.
  • Our chef’s table has rotating options of stir-fry, specialty wraps, grilled sandwiches and roasted turkey, ham or top round carvery.

The Dining Hall is open before the start of School and between some class periods for students to buy drinks and snacks.

Dining Hall Hours

Breakfast: 7:15am - 10:00am Lunch: 11:00am - 2:00pm

Lower School Lunch

Students may bring lunch from home or purchase it in the Dining Hall. Menus are sent home monthly with the children or view the menu online. Juice and milk are
available for purchase each day, and there are microwave ovens for the use of students in Grades 3-5.

Middle School Lunch

Middle School students eat lunch at 12:15pm You may bring your own lunch, purchase food with cash, or charge food to your account with RPCS food service.

Upper School Lunch

The assigned Upper School lunch period runs from 11:25 - 11:55am. Students may bring their own lunches or purchase food through a School menu plan or with cash in the dining room. Students may not purchase food through the Dining Hall line before 11:15am Lunch may be eaten only in the Dining Hall or outdoors and
by invitation in a classroom or office (this rule applies to both the MOD and lunch periods).

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